Warranty conditions:

The warranty for bicycles and components is provided by the manufacturer using our store as a reseller.

All warranty decisions are made directly by the manufacturer.

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. These are the cases where the pipe cracked at the welded seam without mechanical damage (the goods fell, the goods were thrown, interference from the part changing) or the part was made incorrectly.

Also, the warranty does not apply to goods that have natural wear and tear (abrasion, corrosion), such as brake cables, brake pads, threads on bolts / nuts / holes, tires, grips, pedals, chain, stars, bearings, spokes, cameras, barrends , grease, connecting rod shaft, carriages.

Bent frames, forks and handlebars are not covered by the warranty as they are the result of misuse (falls, accidents).

The warranty is valid only for the first purchaser with a warranty card or receipt.

Causes such as accident, fall, accident, improper installation or repair are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty consists only in the replacement of damaged components and the company is not responsible for injuries or other damage caused to the cyclist or third parties.

A warranty case is considered within 14 days from the date of occurrence of such an event.

In case of confirmation of the warranty case from the manufacturer, the elimination of this takes up to 30 working days.

The warranty does not cover the costs of transportation (delivery) and the work of a mechanic to replace the part.

The warranty does not apply to promotional items (discount for which is 20% or more)

Warranty periods:

  • Complete bike warranty (complements): 3 months from the date of purchase;
  • orks warranty: up to 12 months from the date of purchase (Forks from a bicycle assembly are guaranteed as a bicycle assembly);
  • Warranty for frames: from 3 to 12 months from the date of purchase (frames from a bicycle assembled are guaranteed as a complete bicycle);
  • Warranty for spare parts: up to 6 months (For spare parts from a bicycle assembly, the warranty is valid as for a bicycle assembly);
  • There are also exceptions for warranty cases, as a rule, this is written in the description of the product or you can ask our manager.

Return conditions:

KINGS BIKES wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase! When you receive your order, please inspect all items for defects or poor workmanship. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we ask that you return it in a new and unused condition, in its original box, within 14 days of receipt.

If you decide to exchange the product (s), you must pay for delivery in 2 directions (or as you agree with our manager).

Returns will not be accepted if the product has been used in any way, as well as with scratches and dents.

All goods will be checked before the final decision is made within 3 working days from the date of receipt.

Returns Department reserves the full right to provide full, partial refunds or exchange of goods.

All returns must be carefully packed and sent by the carrier "New Mail" (or a previously agreed company with the manager).

Shipping damage

If you received parts that were damaged during transportation without leaving the carrier's company, please contact KINGS BIKES customer support at +380962663366.

Please keep the original packaging / box!

The wrong product was sent

If we make a mistake in your order, we will correct it in order to best resolve the problem. Please report any bugs with your order to us! We want to hear about problems as soon as possible in order to better your service. We are open to reimburse you for actual shipping costs.

Refunds in case of online payment by bank card

If you paid online with a bank card, your refund will be made to the same card. All other methods will be returned by company check mailed to your billing address within 3 business days after we have verified that your check is properly submitted.