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What you need to know before you buy a BMX bike?

BMX bike in the understanding of the novice-bikes for tricks, but everyone uses it in their own way. Some buy bmx to show off to friends, others ride it to the store or in the Park, and for others it is a real sports equipment.

BMX bike has several varieties, but there are also common features for all:

  • 20" strong wheels, usually on relatively wide tires
  • Strong frame with special geometry and horizontal dropouts
  • High steering wheel with crossbar
  • One fixed transmission (singlespeed).

BMX Bike riding styles differ by three styles:

  1. Street/Dirt/Park: These are the most durable and, accordingly, the heaviest bmx (relative to the following types), such bikes will survive a lot of falls, landing curves and other things. Frames for this style are made of Cr-Mo using batting technologies (variable pipe cross-section). The wheels are based on bushings with industrial bearings on hollow steel axles and usually double rims. Tricks in these styles are mainly jumps from jumps and departures with various rotations of the rider and bike, sliding on pegs and holding the balance, so it is important to buy a BMX bike correctly. It is important to remember that the lighter the bike, the more technical it is intended for riding, so it is better for a beginner to buy a simpler bmx bike. Be sure to purchase the first bike buy a set of basic necessary protection (helmet, elbow pads, knee-Shin, gloves), it will save you from injuries and bruises when studying the basic elements.
  2. Flat: the Style is very beautiful. Tricks in this style look like dancing with a Bicycle. Even the simplest elements and movements are honed for months or even years, this style requires stone endurance, perseverance and patience. BMX of this type have a distinctive frame geometry with a curved lower tube, a special-shaped seat. The flat steering wheel is narrower than usual and higher. These bmx are very often equipped with pegs, always 4 PCs.
  3. Race: The oldest style it all started with. Children collected small bicycles copying motorcycles and presented themselves as racers, competed. Bmx racing on a pump track or track, for speed and technique or championship, originated in the 60s. Bicycles of this type have very light weight, narrow wheels and a large gear ratio, thanks to a large front star for maximum speed, because usually the track is without large height differences and consists of many hills and turns. Often, regular bmx cars have both brakes for better control. This is the only style where the frame can be made even of carbon or aluminum.

Our bmx bike shop provides a large selection for each style, in a different price range, so you can buy a bmx bike cheap.

BMX bike for beginners

Given that more experienced riders already know what they want, we would like to pay special attention to the category of BMX bikes for beginners. A bmx bike, even for the simplest unit, starts from $ 300-400. Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the frame material, the cheapest frames are made of Hi-ten alloy-ordinary steel, those that are more expensive have the main chromol pipes (combined Cr-Mo/Hi-ten), and only the top models can boast a full frame of Cr-mo 4130. You should read the description and ask our consultant.

Choosing a BMX bike for age and height:

In order for the future athlete to be comfortable to ride and learn to do tricks, it is necessary that the bike was selected for its size. it is IMPORTANT to KNOW, if the bike is short, then the person begins to twist (hump), this causes discomfort and makes it difficult to learn tricks. If the BMX bike is long, it will be very difficult for the athlete to pull the bike to perform tricks. In order for the rider to be as comfortable as possible, you need to choose a bike for growth. Age does not matter because now the guys have radically different dimensions, a guy in 14 years can be both 1.2 meters and 1.8) Pay attention only to the growth now and future growth, with a margin of 1 year.

We recommend choosing a loan shark this way:

  • 19" - 90-110 cm
  • 20" - 110-130 cm
  • 20.25" - 130-145 cm
  • 20.5" - 145-165 cm
  • 20.75" - 165-180 cm
  • 21" - 180-195 cm

Material for BMX Bicycle frames, forks, handlebars:

  • "Hi-ten " (Hi-tenile) plain steel - average weight and average strength;
  • "Cr-Mo" (Cr-Mo 4130) steel with the addition of chromol and molybdenum - lower weight and higher strength.

So, let's sum up the choice of bike:

  • Frames are just hyten, hyten with some chromolybdenum pipes, and fully chromolybdenum;
  • Steering wheels are just hyten and chrome-molybdenum;
  • forks are just hyten, hyten with a chromolybdenum rod, and fully chromolybdenum;
  • Bushings are on industrial and bulk bearings;
  • Rims are with single and double walls;
  • connecting Rods are 2x compound, 3x compound and "poker". Connecting rods "poker" can not be purchased.
  • The carriage node can be MID, Spanish, Euro, USA (American). You can't buy EURO and USA.

Additional nuances when choosing BMX spare parts on the bike:

  • pipes (frame, fork, steering wheel, connecting rods) can have a variable cross-section (batting) for thickening in the place of high load and thinning in the place of low load - this technology saves weight without losing strength and quality;
  • The frame may have "headscarves" at the junction/welding of pipes for reinforcement; the
  • Bushings come in a cluster and tricaster. A cassette with dogs, and a freecaster is a mechanism that allows you to ride a BMX backwards and not turn the pedals (they do not have sabachek);

BMX bike Accessories

The complete Set should not be ignored, do not be lazy and look in the spare parts section for each part on your BMX bike, see how much it costs separately. Pay special attention to the frame, bushings, connecting rods, and steering wheel. Light BMX bikes can never be cheap, because high technology requires new production technologies and the cost of improvement.

in what form is the bemix bike sold and delivered?

The bemix bike is sold in a box, so you need to finish assembling it. to Do this, see the section "ПОЛЕЗНОЕ" visit our website and stock up on the necessary tools.

I Want to buy a BMX bike the coolest-how much does BMX cost?

The price for a cool bmx bike starting from $ 1000, these bemix bikes are designed for more technical riding and are able to withstand maximum loads.

In order to buy a BMX bike in our store, you need to call our contact phone number or place an order on our website. We will be happy to give advice and send you the product.

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